Wedding Planner’s Guide To Social Media Marketing 20/04/2019 18/04/2019 gdutborg

If you make a living as a wedding planner in Sydney, there are ways to further market your business and brand to the right target. The internet is the best place to reach people without spending a lot. Internet marketing, oftentimes, can be done for free. Here is a guide for wedding planners on how to use social media to their advantage.

  • Market your services to the clients by showing them what you can do. You can show off your accomplishments with your previous clients’ permissions. You can post photos as a portfolio to show how you planned and coordinated a wedding. There are a number of social media platforms where photos can be shared for free such as Pinterest and Instagram. Do not forget to add hashtags to your captions to reach like-minded users searching for the services you are offering.Wedding Planner in Sydney
  • Clients will hire brands they know they can trust. Therefore, it pays to have your personal brand. It will be easier for you to monitor online users who are talking about your brand and it is easier to track the progress you are making in terms of brand awareness.
  • Preserve your reputation but also learn how to apologize when you know your business is in the wrong. If there are false rumours, be quick to defend you brand. If a customer or two is not satisfied with the service they received, apologize and offer compensation as you see fit. Do not forget to give thanks to customers who leave good comments and reviews about your brand.
  • Organizing a wedding means you will be managing a lot of people too. Start with your social media accounts by engaging them. It does not hurt to have a close relationship with your clients. Once you have build a network, they can easily refer your business to people they know are looking for wedding planners.
  • Lastly, do not forget to provide the appropriate customer service. In order to succeed as a wedding planner in Sydney, it pays to go above and beyond the expectations of your clients. This will boost your reputation and your brand as whole.