Using Illustrated Maps In Marketing 12/11/2020 04/11/2020 gdutborg

Promoting a brand to their target audience is a key part of any marketing strategy. From lawyers, to artists like Maria Rabinky, to tech companies like Apple, no organization or company can live without promotion.

Maps are useful for this, as highly visual messages tend to leave a better impression and last more with audiences. Moreover, they also add value to the promotional materials and projects they’re attached to, ensuring that these last.

Maps in marketing is far from a new idea, of course, real estate agents have been using branded mapping on their stuff to get the brand some exposure, and show potential buyers the properties in the area. Online, interactive maps have seen a lot of use, as they not only enhance the user experience, a key part of online design, but also encourage people to come back.

But, it’s time to take a look at a specific kind of map; illustrated maps. They’re not as accurate as, say, Google Maps, but they have their own flavor that makes them worth using.

Why use illustrated maps?

Well, there’s Google Maps, of course, but marketing is all about branding. A unique illustrated map that carries your brand’s personality and flavor is a powerful marketing tool. Not only can a good illustrated map simplify a map for easier use, it’s also fun, meshes well with the brand, and gets people talking.


An illustrated map, like those from Maria Rabinky, can be customized. For marketing purposes, this means that brands can cut out the extra streets or buildings that they don’t want to focus on. They can then highlight the specific landmarks and locations they want to promote. Simplicity is key.

Gives it flavor

That little bit of extra design that an illustrated map provides can really make a difference when it comes to getting attention. Remember, marketing is all about standing out and being remembered.

It’s part of the brand

Marketing a brand works best when everything looks fluid and unified. A good custom illustrated map, made specifically for a brand, could not mesh any better with the brand if it tried. This means that it helps present the brand, foster trust, and bring in customers.