Uploaded Content And Embedded Videos Ranked Similarly In SEO, Says Google 06/02/2021 15/02/2021 gdutborg

Google Search Advocate John Mueller recently went on record saying that embedded videos and uploaded content have the same value as SEO.

The topic gets brought up fairly often, with it having recently been brought up by RealClicks SEO Manager Saidul Hoque, who specifically asked if Google considers embedded and uploaded videos as different, from an SEO point of view. The topic was later brought up again, just a few minutes after the fact.

Mueller responded by explaining that Google essentially treats both as similar, due to the fact that most sites host their videos via separate content delivery networks (CDNs), which is not too different from embedding a video.

He notes that the primary concerns are ensuring that the content is properly indexed and that the user experience is good. Mueller says that if both of these conditions are met, then Google doesn’t really mind the specifics.

Another user then asked if it was better to host your own vids compared to embedding them from YouTube, as that would show the page during searches.

Google, according to Mueller, handles this on a case-by-case basis, saying that whether or not Google returns to the YouTube landing page or the website itself in search engines is dependent on how much information they get from the respective pages.

Mueller explains that it’s not automatic for Google to serve a YouTube page over a page with an embedded video. If someone looks up a king kong SEO review, for example, the page with more relevant information and better SEO ranking will be the one that shows up in results.