Things That Can Hurt Local SE Ranking And How To Deal With Them 24/05/2021 24/05/2021 gdutborg

SEO is a great way to bring in new customers and revenue at minimal cost, making it great for local businesses who can’t handle running large-scale digital marketing campaigns.

Of course, if the business doesn’t use SEO right, they won’t get far. Here are some common local SEO mistakes and how to deal with them.

Having incomplete or inaccurate info on a Google My Business listing

The idea behind having a Google My Business is to reach potential customers and give them the information they need to find and contact a business, including things like business hours, address, and the like.

A GMB listing is basically an invitation to a business; it needs to be accurate, tell people what to expect and how to get there, otherwise, it won’t amount too much. That’s why a business needs to make sure its listing has complete and accurate information.

Not posting to Google My Business

Google, indeed any search engine, craves engagement. Regularly posting meaningful content highlight a business’ listing, while also showing search engines and users that a business is active, and ready to engage and do business.

That’s why regularly updating and posting is important for a business listing.

Google recently made changes to its algorithm

This one is not the business’ fault in any way shape or form. The fact of the matter is, Google’s always updating its algorithm and that can affect search rankings.

With Google rolling out regular updates, it makes sense that listings and scores for king kong SEO reviews would shift and change. Good thing is that staying updated is the solution for this, and it’s not too hard, given that Google has a blog announcing these things.