The Complex Process Of Creating Book Illustrations 28/05/2021 28/05/2021 gdutborg

If you are a parent who loves books, it is very likely that you have also encouraged your children to share the same passion. Books with colourful and impressive illustrations can inspire a love of books among little children. Children will be motivated to read a story because of the colourful characters that they can identify with even without understanding the words.

How to tell a story through illustrations

Being an illustrator of children’s books takes more skills than drawing and painting an image. The art of creating unique illustrations is much more complicated and requires a lot of perseverance, talent and some quirkiness to be able to read between the lines of a manuscript and produce something that is beyond expectations. The goal is to gain the attention of children although they do not understand the hard work invested in each character.

The saying that a picture paints a thousand words is very true because people tend to consume information 60,000 times faster from an image than from a written word. An illustrator is usually provided with a manuscript to work with including an outline of what the publisher or author expects. In order to capture something rare in the story, illustrators have to read between the lines and discover that rare quality or essence.

Characters must be portrayed in subtle ways using lines and colours to enhance or explain the character that was written by the author. The character can be a naughty cat with crooked whiskers or a queen who is resplendent in her furs and gown. The special characteristics of the character must be illustrated effectively to make it engaging, whimsical and endearing.

The illustrator needs a special talent to draw characters that are rare and distinctive to catch the imagination of the reader. The illustrations must tell a story for children who are still learning to read.

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