Social Media Marketing In Thailand – Essential Tips For A Successful Branding And Marketing 29/11/2016 30/11/2016 gdutborg

A marketing strategy works best if fused with other marketing strategies. The market, with the evolution of technology and the Internet, is now very hard to satiate. To establish credibility, they have to be able to find the brand in all mediums, especially in social media. The social media is free and is very interactive, it is also where you get real people to review or say something about a brand. A good marketing agency in Thailand must not merely create a presence in social media for a particular brand, but also capitalize on it.

Branding is a traditional marketing strategy. A good marketing agency in Thailand must know that branding must be established first before entering social media marketing. This is why it was mentioned earlier that collaboration of different strategies is essential and the most effective. Branding is one of the foundations of marketing, the brand must first be clearly defined, and then clearly established. Guidelines must strictly be observed to obtain brand consistency so that your company will not grow to directions that were not intended for it. The branding defines how the company wants the public to see them. Distinctive branding must also be observed so that the public will know you anywhere and right away. Starting points include distinct font size or colour palette, along with distinct imagery.

Aside from the branding, another foundation that must be established first is defining what market, audience or niche to attack. Social media is so advanced that it allows the user to narrow down and target a particular niche. The profiles can be created with customizable demographics. The precision is unparalleled. This exciting new tool can only be largely utilized if the target market was already predetermined, otherwise, it will be useless. There were many firms who jumped to social media right away, without planning ahead. The results were surprisingly low engagement, low reach and low return on investment.

Once the branding has produced an attractive ad content with the target audience in mind, it is now ready to be taken to social media. Social media is very interactive, which makes it a good tool for marketing as engagement is really apparent. However, this may also be its downside, if not properly manned. All kinds of people are in social media, censorship is hard. Sometimes, things can get personal. Make sure that the social media account for the brand is manned 24/7, to answer questions and inquiries in a timely manner. Ensure that social media courtesy is observed, and maintain at least one post per day to establish a consistent presence.