One-Of-A-Kind Bedding For Your Dream Bedroom 02/05/2021 23/04/2021 gdutborg

It is a person’s natural tendency to desire a bedroom that is peaceful and comfortable; after all, the bedroom is your private haven to relax, unwind and get a rejuvenating sleep. To ensure the best sleep possible, it is important to choose the beddings carefully.

How to choose the right bedding

There are four key factors in your choice for a bedding: size, material and finish, colour scheme and style. Bedding sizes are pretty standard in some countries but for maximum cosy potential, the bedding must be slightly bigger than the mattress. For extra comfort, it is better to choose a king-size bedding for a double bed.

You have room for error in the size of the duvets, duvet covers, and flat sheets but not for the fitted sheets because they are designed to exactly fit the mattress. If the fitted sheet is too small, you might not be able to get it in the mattress. If the fitted sheet is too large, you have to ensure that it is tucked in tightly.

Different materials are used for beddings but the most common are cotton, linen, and cotton/linen mix. 100% cotton is a natural fibre that is softer than synthetic fabrics. It is more durable and breathable to ensure a goods night’s sleep. 100% linen is also a natural fibre that is anti-static and hypoallergenic. Linen is not your best choice if you hate ironing. Cotton/linen mix includes all the good qualities of both materials.

In terms of colour, there are plain beddings and printed beddings. Plain bedding is a popular choice because it can easily complement a bedroom’s colour scheme, décor and accessories. Printed beddings can add contrast to an otherwise boring design. To achieve a lived-in look, opt for stonewashed beddings. To create a luxurious and sophisticated ambiance, choose satin beddings. For added texture, you can go for the seersucker with the fun crinkle effect.

If you want to create something different for your bedroom, choose personalized bedding with a style all its own. Your bedding will be customized according to colour, design, size, text, etc. to ensure that it is unique from all others.