Marketing Trends That Will Go Mainstream In 2019 13/02/2019 12/02/2019 gdutborg

The digital marketing scene has been the same for the past few years but it might be heading in a new direction this 2019. In order to keep up with the growing markets, companies and businesses such as motorbike clothing shops should adapt these trends.

First on the list is AI or artificial intelligence which has been the talk of the digital world for the past few years. It might not be able to do complex tasks yet but it can surely take over with the simpler jobs. AI now has the ability to analyse the behaviour of the consumers and their search patterns through data gathered from blog posts as well as social media platforms. This is done in order for businesses to get to know how their customers are able to find out about their brand.

The second trend which is also AI-related is called programmatic advertising. This means that purchasing of ads can be done automatically in order to prioritize only the target market. One example of programmatic ad purchasing is real-time auctions or bidding. The method is not only fast but also efficient which results to higher conversions and the acquisition costs can be reduced.

Chatbots are not new to the digital landscape but it will prove to be a very important aspect of internet marketing for businesses. The technology also relies on AI in order to utilize instant messaging to communicate with consumers in real-time regardless of the time of the day. Survey revealed that around 1.4 billion consumers are using chatbots and by 2020, around 80 per cent of the businesses are going to have this feature.

Personalization is another key to success for this year’s digital marketing. This can be done by personalizing everything from the emails, content and products among many others. Around 96 per cent of marketers think that personalization is the best way to improve relationships with customers.

Lastly, business that wanted to increase the conversion rate for their motorbike clothing shops should adapt video marketing because it experts believe that video will dominate the internet a few years from now.