Marketing Interior Design Business Through Social Media Channels 18/08/2016 18/08/2016 gdutborg

Social media are tools that allow people, companies, businesses and other organizations to create, exchange or share interests, information, videos or pictures in networks and virtual communities. For marketers and advertisers, social media is a means to release promotions or information, attract new customers, engage with current customers and market a company.

A great number of prospective customers are likely to do a search first on a product or service before they decide to purchase or avail it. Most people use social media, and this is reason enough to not neglect it.

Social media sites are different in a sense. For a business owner, choosing a great site to market on is an important decision. Likewise for Instyle Deco and design businesses, these sites should be beneficial to a company’s success.

#1. Targeting sites with images and pictures

Since interior decoration and design businesses need to show people their portfolio, pictures or videos are ways to showcase them. Pinterest is a great site to connect with prospective clients. Images show the style and quality without saying more. Here, one can showcase best works, decorating tips or tricks and new ideas.

Instagram offers a more personal level of connection with prospective clients. One can show projects or style in relation to home or personal life. Consumers are attracted to these posts.

People want to connect with interior decorators and designers before hiring them so these methods are a start.

#2. Sharing videos

Next to Google, YouTube is the biggest search engine. Room design or decorating tips can be posted in this channel. YouTube allows client to know a designer. Success comes from offering ideas, advices, tips or even showing completed projects. A reality show format can also engage people showing them scenes from the decorating or designing process.

#3. Getting on Facebook

In Facebook, one can look for groups having discretionary income needing a renovation to their residences or properties and who are in a specific age group. This allows to target the right people.

Aside from this, pictures and videos can also be posted or shared in Facebook. In addition, links to other channels like Pinterest, Instagram or YouTube can be done here.