How To Avoid Mistakes With Online Marketing Strategies27/03/201527/03/2015gdutborg
How To Avoid Mistakes With Online Marketing Strategies

I met some guys from Perth Web Design and what we discussed gave me an inspiration to share the valuable knowledge I learned on the many mistakes that businesses commit with their online marketing strategies.

Failure to focus on quality content

When we say internet marketing, the first thing that comes to mind is SEO. Content is king in SEO but it does not mean just any kind of content. There used to be a time in the history of SEO that quantity fueled search engine results. Lately, what matters is quality particularly with Google’s algorithm updates that puts importance on digital content with the highest relevance and quality. Ranking a website based on poorly constructed content with no consistent updates is virtually impossible.

Failure to maintain high quality links

Everybody knows that inbound links from other websites weigh heavily in determining the success of an internet marketing strategy. Google ranks links from high quality and high ranking websites more favorably. It will result in driving your site upwards in the search engine results. Good ranking means more referral traffic which provides lots of opportunities for the business to gain leads. In the process of creating inbound links, some can be cheaply outsourced but it can do the website more harm than good.

Failure to be patient

Investing in SEO does not mean generating results over night. An investment can take time to generate ROI which means having a great deal of patience. If you quit even before your marketing campaign gets started because you were discouraged by the slow results, you will be worse off. SEO and digital marketing techniques should be focused on long term results.

Failure to consider the capability of the web designer

It is very easy to become a web designer after a few paid courses on web design, development and Photoshop. However, are you willing to leave the success of your online business on less capable hands? If you have already invested in a beautiful website, are you willing to set aside a big budget for your online marketing strategies or will you stick to the low-budget SEO firms that will provide content in broken English?