How Financial Advisors Can Better Utilize Digital Marketing 27/08/2018 27/08/2018 gdutborg

Decades ago, it is common for a financial advisor in Australia to meet personally with their clients and scouting for prospect clients also works the same way. Times have changed and we now have entered an era where anyone can meet anywhere without having to travel very far. This is because of the introduction of the internet which makes face to face interaction an obsolete thing of the past. Investors use the internet in order to look for a professional that will handle their finances but how does a financial advisor used technology in order to market their services online?

It is important for a financial advisor to realize the importance of inbound marketing. This has a bigger impact to the entire financial market than any other trends. Inbound marketing covers email marketing, social media marketing, blogging and free offers. Nowadays, it is no longer effective to use outbound marketing strategies such as direct mail, telemarketing and seminars because of the introduction of the internet.

Once you lure a client in, you need to have a website where they can visit to see information about you and links to your contact number or an email address to get in touch with you. Having a website does not guarantee that they will contact you but the content can impact their decision. As soon as they land on your homepage, the content must be compelling enough to make them stay and it should be able to impress them in a way that will make them contact you. There must be contents regarding financial advisors, about your firm and presentation of any free offers that could combat their financial challenges.

If you have a website, it must have updated and fresh content in order to stay relevant. This is accomplished through blogging. This is the beauty of inbound marketing because you do not have to contact people that do not want you in the first place. With blogging, people will find you if they are looking for solutions to their financial problems or if you are viewed as an expert financial advisor in Australia then people will think that what you publish is actually worth reading.