How Big Companies Use Artificial Intelligence In Their Marketing Campaigns 26/02/2019 26/02/2019 gdutborg

Have you ever wondered about the largest football stadium in the world and its capacity? It is very likely that you are a passionate football fan or a business that wishes to use the venue for advertisements. Stadiums have lots of advertising space but they are usually occupied by the big names in the sports business. Your best option is online marketing to generate brand awareness.

Marketing strategies in the not-so-distant future will be transformed by artificial intelligence (AI); it will be the centre of every marketing campaign. Big brands that include Nike, IBM, Facebook, Lenovo and Uber are already using AI in their marketing campaigns to make their messages more personalized and future friendly.

Netflix, the world’s leading entertainment service, is using pre-emptive marketing. The service completely relies on AI-based predictive technologies so that it can provide personalized recommendations to users. Initially, Netflix was dependent on user reviews but by using algorithms, Netflix was able to suggest movies and TV series that are similar to what the user has previously seen.

Netflix has also put an end to the rating-based system by disabling the submission of reviews and comments on the TV shows and movies. Annoying pauses and re-buffering issues that are usually encountered by users while streaming have also been eliminated. AI technology was utilized to provide high quality display even in slow internet connections.

Amazon is one of the earliest adaptors of AI. Its recommendation engine alone provides 35% of the company’s overall revenue. Amazon has refined algorithms from time to time but with machine learning the recommendations are now more dynamic.

Product reviews are certainly important for marketing and brand promotions but sometimes the platform is misused. Fake reviews are generated to amplify product ratings. Machine learning algorithm allowed Amazon to filter the authentic customer reviews from the fake ones.

It is not suggested for small businesses to advertise their brand at the largest football stadium in the world because it will not be noticed by fans. Their attention is on the football club that they are supporting. For more information about football stadiums, their history and future plans, continue to browse the site.