Google Ads Announces Changes Focusing On Privacy 24/05/2021 24/05/2021 gdutborg

During a Google Marketing Livestream preview announcement of upcoming product launches, the search engine talked about the privacy-focused changes that they were implementing.

Machine learning extended to Google Analytics behavioral analytics.

Google announced GA4 back in 2020, which will include conversion modeling to provide better insight into how customers behave online. They’re extending advanced machine learning to GA’s analytics report.

This new feature allows for modeling to fill gaps in reports, allowing for marketers to gather valuable insight on customers even without cookies.

Adjust Consent Mode in Google Tag Manager.

Consent mode is a feature for Google in Europe and the UK which adjusts user tagging based on what users have set their consent status to. For users that didn’t agree to cookies, Consent Mode uses conversion modeling to see how the customer’s decision journey goes.

Google stated that they’ll soon be making Consent Mode accessible from Tag Manager accounts, making it easier to make adjustments in tag behavior based on the consent choices that users have opted for.

Enhanced conversion

On Google’s blog, they stated that enhanced conversions will allow tags to use consented, first-party data from users so that marketers can get a better measurement of how they convert after engaging with advertisements. The data used by enhanced conversions is always hashes, which means that user privacy and security are protected, while still providing marketers with the measurements that they need for their marketing campaigns.

The conversation about user privacy has changed how search engines and digital marketers operate, with new limitations but also opportunities, shown by how things like king kong SEO review have shifted. Time will tell how things will go, however, though it’s clear Google is trying its best to work towards what the users want.