Getting To Know The Bronies: The Unexpected Fandom29/12/201429/12/2014gdutborg
Getting To Know The Bronies The Unexpected Fandom

My Little Pony has been entertaining the world since it first aired in the 80’s. It was primarily released for a target demographic for girls but ever since My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic was aired in October 10, 2010, it has produced an unexpected fandom, the Bronies.

When Lauren Faust was placed as the creative director for the show, not only did she challenge the stereotypical norms of girls, but she had also made a way to make it more interesting for parents who watch the show with their kids. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has been praised for it’s humor and moral outlook by many different television critics. With Lauren Faust spearheading the show, the characters were given depth and had given the show a more adventurous setting. The show has aimed to provide educational and informational content for kids around the world.

Although the intended target for the show were girls and their parents, it has also produced an unlikely fandom of grown men that is increasing by the day. Brony is a portmanteau of the words bro and pony which is basically the ideal name for the fandom because of the fact that they are grown men who watch My Little Pony.

The Bronies have experienced massive bullying and internet bashing from different type of people around the world but regardless of that, their fanbase continuous to grow as the show progresses. When Bronies are interviewed as to why they continue supporting their fandom when they are continuously being antagonized by many people, their answer is always the same. It is because of the diverse characters that the show centers on. They are quick to elaborate of the diversity being shown in the characters of the show and how they can be related to the different aspects of daily living and personalities of people.

Being a Brony for them is all about kindness and loyalty to their friends and helping other people that require help. Bronies for them are about having fun and enjoying life for what it is.

What also is amazing is that most converted Bronies were former bashers themselves but were convinced when they had truly understood the essence of the show.

Bronies have definitely rocked the world with their conception and will continue to rock the world amid all the struggles.