Customer Reviews As A Reliable Source Of Information 05/07/2021 05/07/2021 gdutborg

Consumers today trust customer reviews as a reliable source of information. By reading reviews, consumers will know what to expect even before they have visited your website. Before the advent of the internet, consumers have few sources of credible information that is why they had to ask for recommendations from friends, family, or even neighbours.

Today consumer reviews are everywhere. You only need to type a product name into a search engine and you will have access to detailed reviews that will provide the information you seek. A study conducted by Nielsen company revealed that 90% of participants trust recommendations from people they know while 70% trust recommendations from complete strangers on the internet.

Advertising is limited only to the period that a company can afford to run the advertisement while customer reviews are always there whenever a consumer searches for a product or service. When people started to use smartphones, they gained more access to customer reviews with the ability to actually send a review from their phones.

For example, if a customer experiences poor service in a restaurant, the experience can be quickly shared online so that other people will know what to expect. Reviews can only be beneficial to a business if the message is authentic and unbiased.

A digital marketing agency has developed a new strategy for promoting customer reviews. Potential clients can now watch king kong advertising reviews on YouTube instead of reading them on online review platforms. Review videos add the authenticity of the brand because it actually features the client who has experienced the service.