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The Growing Trend Of Mobile Apps

Many small and medium-sized businesses are following the trend started by big brands. They have discovered that an effective mobile strategy requires mobile apps in addition to a mobile-friendly website. A dedicated mobile app allows businesses to interact effectively with their customers and takes their marketing to the next level. According to statistics, people spend…

How To Use Customer Feedback In Marketing

Whether business owners like it or not, customers will post a review about its products or services. Aside from the website, reviews can be found on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter including third-party review sites specific to certain industries. Facebook and Twitter have become an important source of genuine and unbiased onions for…

Customer Reviews As A Reliable Source Of Information

Consumers today trust customer reviews as a reliable source of information. By reading reviews, consumers will know what to expect even before they have visited your website. Before the advent of the internet, consumers have few sources of credible information that is why they had to ask for recommendations from friends, family, or even neighbours….