Canadian Lawyers Dissuading People From Gathering On The Holidays 13/01/2021 04/01/2021 gdutborg

The holidays are the time for families to get together. It’s the time when we enjoy our time at home with close friends and family with gifts, food, and jubilation. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic still going on, experts have warned against holiday gathers.

Adding to the list of those experts are Canada’s legal practitioners, like those in Donich Law, as the Canadian government has implemented a $10,000 fine for those that gather in certain areas in the holidays.

Canadian personal injury lawyer Nainesh Kotak, in an interview with CTV’s Your Morning, advised against gathering in the holidays, unless they feel like having to turn to a law firm like Donich Law, as people can be sued if any attendee in their gatherings contract COVID.

Kotak warns that Canadian’s home insurance might not be able to cover a claim like that, as home insurance policies have exclusions including things like unlawful and criminal acts, as well as communicable diseases.

They explained that homeowners would have to pay out of their own pocket for any costs if they get sued by someone who got COVID during one of their gatherings. Of course, if the insurance company many not cover the legal costs of representation in such a case, then they also won’t cover any damages that will be awarded or payable to a potential plaintiff.

Singer Katz LLP civil litigation lawyer Ari Singer says that it’s complicated as to whether or not someone can file a lawsuit for contracting COVID-19, noting that it would be a difficult case, explaining that it would be dependent on whether or not the host of a gathering knew someone at their gathering actually had COVID.

Singer says that it’s not a ‘yes or no’ answer, as there’s always a risk when people gather.

Canadian public health recommendation stated that people shouldn’t gather during the 2020 holiday season.

Notably, a poll from Angus Reid noted how many Canadians planned on visiting friends and family during the holidays, with 30% of the 5,000 respondents stated that they have plans to visit locally, with 10% saying they planned to travel to do so.