3 Decades With Rhenus Lupprians Logistics 31/01/2019 31/01/2019 gdutborg

Business logistics is crucial for every company to develop. A well-structured logistics ensures maximum profits to the business owner and gives positive experiences to the customers and end-users. It involves all areas from the acquisition of goods from the suppliers and wholesalers to manufacturing, the storage of goods, and the delivery of the items to the customers.

There are many logistics providers in the market today. One of the most popular and reputable logistics companies is Rhenus Lupprians which has been in the industry for more than three decades already. The company has continually adapted the latest technology system by investing time and resources to enhance its services and broaden its scope of market.

With decades of dedication and hard work, Rhenus Lupprians has made a name in the global market with a presence in more than 610 locations and competent manpower of more than 29,000 employees. Its vision has remained true throughout the years in providing specialist logistics expertise to its clients around the world. The company is extra passionate in providing its clients with the best quality service they deserve.

The business areas covered by the company include contract logistics, port logistics, freight logistics, and public transport. The company has developed a logistical distribution system in the fields of healthcare, printing, high-tech telecommunication, rail, banking, power, engineering, retail, and construction logistics industries.

The company has flexible and bespoke IT solutions to easily communicate to its clients through the ERP systems via API and EDI capabilities. In addition, the company hasspecialized equipment to support its skilled engineers and technicians while doing the installation and delivery services.

As part of the company’s corporate social responsibility, Rhenus is sensitive to the well-being of nature, thus, its practices are environment-friendly with a focus on being carbon neutral by the year 2020. The company is creating a pollution-free environment to safeguard the welfare of the future generations. It is the company’s way of reciprocating to the community as part of the Lupprians’ mission.

Rhenus values its clients and firmly believes that establishing good business relationships equates to long-term partnerships. It is dedicated to providing excellent customer satisfaction which tops in its priority list.

The Lupprians continue to adapt to the challenges of this fast-changing world to maintain its reputable standing in the field of logistics. They focus on constant innovation, providing creative solutions, and developing best business practices to efficiently serve their clients.