Woman States That Restaurant Review In Washington Post Revealed Infidelity 10/12/2019 10/12/2019 gdutborg

Online reviews are powerful. From King Kong SEO reviews to Amazon product reviews, good reviews can make or break a company, product, or service being sold on the internet.

One food critic working for the Washington Post, Tom Sietsema, learned that reviews can change lives. And not in the way people might expect them to.

See, there’s this funny thing that happened while Sietsema was doing a live chat on the official Washington Post website about the US capital’s dining scene. An anonymous woman joined the chat, saying that a review from him exposed the fact that her husband was cheating on her.

According to the woman, Sietsema’s review showed her husband dining in a restaurant with a woman, a woman that wasn’t her. The woman forwarded the photo from Sietsema’s review to her husband, who then admitted to the infidelity. The woman said to Sietsema that she thought that he might like to know of the part that he contributed to the matter at hand.

Sietsema, for his part, expressed surprise and amazement at the incident. He replied to the woman that he hoped the review was a fake, like those bad King Kong SEO reviews, a crank post. He admitted to not even knowing which review the woman was referring to.

There’s no word as to the veracity of the claim, with Sietsema calling light to it on his Instagram, with readers looking through his reviews in order to find the photo in question.

As for the woman herself, she thanked Sietsema for the evidence, expressing gratitude for exposing a cheat, just in time for the Thanksgiving jubilations.

Whether or not this claim is, indeed, true, it shows just how much online reviews matter, and how many people look at such things. It shows that these kinds of posts reach a lot of people. It also shows how secrets always find its way to the internet.

Is it real? Is it fake? That’s up to you to decide, though it makes for a good story, all the same. Again, it really shows just how much publicity those online reviews get. Makes you want to write a good one, yeah?