Winners And Losers List for Panda 4.128/12/201428/12/2014gdutborg
Winners And Losers List for Panda 4.1

The rollout for the new Panda 4.1 has begun as of late August of this year. Only about a week after, a report regarding the winners and losers of the features on this platform has been named by SearchMetrics.

Based on the said report the winners for Panda 4.1 are as follows:

  • News sites
  • Content
  • Download portals

While the biggest losers on the list are:

  • Game sites
  • Lyrics
  • Medical content sites

Although the data that were released may vary, this is based on each domain’s SEO visibility towards all keywords that are researched. As to what it shows on some of the samples from, they lost it’s SEO visibility by 40%, actual data states from 286,956 to 172,836. Another example is, showing a massive hit based on the given list. Surprisingly even, which is very popular, may not seem to perform well and ended up in the list of big losers as well. Other big names that are included in the losers list are and However that might have been a huge effect since the sites has recently changed URLs and dropping of their SEO visibility may not be directly related to Panda.

The founder of SearchMetrics, Marcus Tober says that the Panda version 4.1 comes together with its previous updates and that it hits pages that have less value or “thin content.” Example of these websites are song lyrics directory sites and gaming sites. He also says that Google doesn’t seem to make a list of websites that are down and that previous versions of Panda has already provided a way to measure that.

Therefore, in conclusion it only goes to prove that content quality is still the best factor to move up with numbers. There are sites that used to be a loser for Panda but now has impressively recovered. One of which is the It was a loser for the older version of Panda (version 4.0 to be exact). Also others like,, and Although, it’s another update from Panda, it’s still a work in progress and once the improvements take its full form, there will be no stopping it.