Why There Are Discounted Similan Liveaboard 30/09/2018 28/09/2018 gdutborg

In Similan Thailand, you can possibly get discounted Similan liveaboard scuba diving trips. Boat operators and dive centres offer such special deal to entice more travellers to come see the real beauty of the island. They are noted to own and run the boats, and the trips are sold by direct booking. Sometimes, you can get it through booking agents, which are everywhere. Depending on how you book, it’s possible to be offered discounted rates for the liveaboards.

Who Offers Discounted Liveaboard Trips in Similan?

Whether you’re booked directly or through an agent, you can possibly get a discounted rate. It would be completely unfair for the agents if only the boat operator offers the special deal. Likewise, it would be unfair to any agents when not informed or allowed to sell the Similan liveaboard at a special price when others can. It would also be unfair for the travellers to book from any source and not obtain a special deal. Therefore, if a trip is available for a cheaper price, the boat operator informs everyone to promote the special deal. The special price is for any customer who wants to book for the liveaboard.

Why Some Liveaboard Trips are Discounted While Others Are Not?

In many cases, the basic reason for offering a discounted liveaboard scuba diving trip in Similan is to promote more bookings for a specific trip. The trip may be about to depart but not full, or it can be the start or end of a scuba diving season. They may not be popular trips during peak periods or high season. Just like bookings for flights and hotels, the boat operators need to find adequate paying guests to make the business successful.

There are boats that run at a loss on occasional trips, so it’s a way not to upset the travellers who have already booked. This means no business will continue without offering discounts on a regular basis. Also, if the trip is reserved for complete charter or for a large group booking and the customer cancels this departure, the boat operators need to sell the available spaces. They may offer a discounted price to promote the Similan liveaboard business, so they don’t lose income or have an opportunity to earn. They can turn the cancelled deposit into discounts for new customers.