Why SEO Is Critical To A Hotel’s Success 05/10/2017 03/10/2017 gdutborg

For as long as people use Google to search for long stay residence in Bangkok, SEO will remain as one of the best online marketing strategies. The type of SEO strategy that a hotel uses will strongly impact on leads and conversions. However, SEO marketing can be tricky and will usually require a professional SEO company to generate the right results.

The first step in a hotel’s SEO strategy is to research for the right keywords. The trick here is to put yourself in the shoes of the potential guest and determine the keywords that they will likely use when searching for accommodations in Bangkok. It is worth noting that a page can rank through the use of more than one keyword or phrase. For example, a hotel in Thailand can rank by using long stay residence in Bangkok instead of long stay residence only. The keyword will target potential guests who prefer to stay longer in the city of Bangkok and experience its unique culture and traditions. If you use the keyword hotel in Bangkok, it is highly competitive.

Not unless it is hotel chain like Hyatt and Holiday Inn, hotels must not assume that guests will be looking for their websites. Frequently, a potential hotel guest is just browsing through the results that have beenpresented by Google that is why they found your brand. When you use long tail keywords, you do not get much traffic but it will bring you more guests who are really interested in booking for accommodations.

It makes sense to use the keyword and phrases in your website content, blog posts and landing pages. It comes in handy when a user is searching for more information. If the keyword is effectively used in the homepage, it could yield more spectacular results.

The best place for long stay residence in Bangkok to attract more direct booking is social media. People spend most of their time browsing through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Consumers can easily be reached by using effective social media marketing strategies. You do not even have to spend a lot of money; simply make the effort to interact with the target audience.