Ways To Promote An Event With Social Media 01/04/2017 29/03/2017 gdutborg

Amidst the many decisions regarding hosting an event, not the least of which include finding a caterer, maybe having a marquee hire in Sydney, deciding on a venue, finding the best date for the event, there’s also the fact that, in order to bring people into the event, you need to promote it first.

One of the more recent ways to do this is via social media sites such as Facebook. Since social media have so much traffic, they are powerful tools for generating exposure and buzz for events. But the key point in promoting is to stand out; to make your event seem worth attending.

Here are some tips to help you with that.

  • Remarketing
    • Social media allows for custom audiences; which companies can use for remarketing. Remarketing is when advertising material from a company or site targets people who have visited their site in the past. Accurate due to targeting people who’ve shown interest in your content (why did they visit your site, after all), and effective in that it repeats a message you want your customers to hear.
  • Review me!
    • Quotations are big. So, if you’ve got a sparkling review from a past customer, don’t be afraid to slap it on a template for your company and use that for marketing. Don’t forget to attribute the statement to its source. This method is good for several reasons. One, it makes the customers feel appreciated, seeing as your company used something they said. Two, good word of mouth is always useful for marketing. And three, standout visual aids help in brand remembrance; a marquee hire in Sydney is more notable if they’ve got a visual schema that pops. A good quote in a well-designed graphic can go a long way.
  • Group Posting
    • Do you have an event speaker or any expert in your company? Have them contribute to a group blog or post for free marketing points. A strategy that has many merits, this accomplishes a lot despite its simplicity and straightforwardness. Your experts feel appreciated because they get a chance to give their opinion or share their knowledge to customers, who will feel appreciated since you’re basically handing out free expert advice, and also be given a good idea of what your event has in terms of content. These posts tend to be the most traffic-intensive, to boot.