Voice Search As The Next Big Thing For The Future 25/02/2019 23/02/2019 gdutborg

The world has been changing for the last three decades. People have more options to choose from like solar panels on the Gold Coast instead of the traditional electricity providers. The market has also been revolutionized with businesses given the alternative to advertise online instead of TV, radio and print. The next big trend was the smartphone that made it easier for consumers to access online retailers.

Marketers have to watch the next big trends that will include voice search and voice controlled products, “near-me” searches and ecommerce. All these trends are expected to change the way that users consume information, the way they will buy and the way they will move in the fast-paced world.

It is very likely for marketers to have heard of voice search. After all, Amazon Echo has 30,000 skills while Google Machine Learning has 95% word accuracy. Businesses can take advantage of this trend by optimizing the website for voice search. However, optimizing is not as simple as it sounds. There is no magic want that can be waved to correctly optimize a site. It is important to invest a lot of hard work and love to achieve the right results.

Voice search is predicted to be very big in the future. It will be so huge that comScore predicts 50% of all search queries will be through voice search in 2020. If a business ignores voice search today, it will miss a lot of opportunities to gain customers in the coming years.

Consumers who will search through voice are looking for convenience. First of all, they do not have to worry about typos. Search queries will be longer, more precise and more focused on a certain question. Search engines can give straight answers immediately with content that people are looking for in a friendly way.

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