Tips To Obtain EIN Number In North Carolina 22/07/2018 03/08/2018 gdutborg

All the businesses in North Carolina except sole proprietor ships that do not hire employees are required to obtain the tax ID number. The process of applying for the EIN number is simple and can be done online through the website of IRS.

The first step to obtain NC tax ID is to visit the website of the IRS and access the business section. There will be a link to EIN application, which can be easily accessed. The application should be properly filled providing the correct information regarding the registered name of the company, name and social security number of the responsible party, registered business address, mailing address if it is different from the business address, the type of business organization, the field of business and the purpose of applying for EIN. Once all the details are correctly furnished, you will received the EIN immediately.

Businesses can also obtain NC tax ID through fax or mail. They have to download the SS-4 form and fill it and send it to the IRS through fax or mail. The timeframe required to receive the EIN through fax is four working days and through mail is four weeks.

International applicants can obtain NC tax ID by applying through telephone. However, the telephone number of the IRS is not toll free and the process is time consuming. The authorized agent of the business has to answer all the questions of the IRS representative during the telephonic conversation. Once the telephonic interview is complete, businesses will receive the EIN immediately on the phone call.

Apart from obtaining the EIN number, businesses having employees in other states are also required to obtain the state tax id. If the business has operations in multiple states and has employees in different locations, it is mandatory to obtain the state tax ID of all the states. The process of obtaining the state tax ID is the same as filing for the EIN.

It is necessary for business to obtain NC tax ID in order to hire employees, obtain the legal permits and licenses required to carry on the business, open business checking accounts with banks, obtain line of credit from banks and other financial institutions and to pay different taxes.