Tips To Develop A Successful Internet Marketing Strategy For 5 Star Hotels 20/07/2018 03/08/2018 gdutborg

Saigon is a tourist destination and has a lot of accommodation options. The stay options in the city range from world class 5 star hotels to cheap hostel and guesthouse accommodations. The presence of a huge number of hotels makes it necessary to offer personalized services and luxurious amenities in order to stand ahead of the competition and attract the guests.

With the growing use of internet and social media, 5 star hotels in Saigon can benefit from effectively using the social media marketing. It helps the hotels to easily connect with the target audience and improve bookings.

Here is a list of some practical social media marketing ideas for 5 star hotels in Saigon that will help them to stay ahead of competitors.

  1. Have a blog for your hotel. You can blog about a variety of topics like the tourist attractions in the city, best restaurants, nightlife of the city, shopping venues etc. Blogging helps you to provide suggestions to your viewers about the interesting things to do in the city and grow your viewership.
  2. Get registered on online hotel booking websites. Invite guests to post feedback and reviews on their stay at your hotel. Respond to all the reviews and keep the hotel profile updated.
  3. Open a Facebook page for your hotel. Ask guests to share pictures from their stay.
  4. Develop strategic partnerships with other businesses and attractions in your area. This way you can improve your reach and generate viewership to your hotel website.
  5. Host interesting contests on your social media accounts. For example, 5 star hotels in Saigon can host a picture contest. They can give away a weekend stay as a prize for the best guest pic.
  6. Post interesting videos about the city on your YouTube channel. You can create video guides of the various tourist attractions in the city.
  7. Use the social media creatively. Recycle all the content across the different social media platforms.
  8. Hire a specialist team to manage your social media and internet marketing. They are equipped with all the necessary tools and strategies to improve your social media image and generate business leads.

These simple steps will help 5 star hotels in Saigon to grow their followers online, eventually leading to more bookings.