Tips On How To Use Reviews In The Online Marketing Strategy 06/12/2019 30/11/2019 gdutborg

It is very likely that the goal of positive King Kong reviews is to attract new talent but it can also be used as an online marketing strategy to build brand awareness. Based on studies, at least 91% of people read online reviews. The trust they put on online reviews is the same as the trust on recommendations from friends and family.

It is important for businesses to build a successful review marketing strategy to boost search rankings and improve conversions. The star rating is what consumers look for in online reviews. If the star rating is below 3 stars on the search engine or website that lists local businesses, it is very likely for consumers to choose the competitor that has better star ratings.

At least 42% of consumers will not purchase from a business that has less than 3 stars and only 5% will use a business that has a 1-star rating. The rating does not have to be a perfect 5-star but a business needs at least a 3-star rating to gain the trust of consumers.

Another aspect that is strongly considered by consumers is the quantity of reviews. Most people read at least 4 to 6 reviews although there are those who make the effort to read from 2 to 21 reviews before they make a purchase decision.

The quality of reviews is very important not only for the review platforms but for consumers who read reviews. Review sites have the power to hide reviews that they do not trust but unfortunately, businesses cannot control reviews. There are consumers who may write an essay while others will only post a simple comment of “good service.”

Consumers do not trust old reviews. The review needs to be written with the last 6 months to gain the trust of consumers. Most consumers look for review platforms that have stellar reputation with plenty of reviews posted on them.

It is important for a business to respond to reviews whether it is the positive King Kong reviews or negative opinions posted on popular review platforms. Responding to positive reviews means that the business appreciates their opinion. Meanwhile, negative reviews provide a business with an opportunity for improvement.