Tips For Marketing Motorcycles On Internet And Social Media 17/11/2018 03/12/2018 gdutborg

Internet and social media are the most sought after marketing tools for manufacturers and dealers. With their extensive reach and guaranteed efficiency, these mediums are gaining importance along with other forms of advertising.

If you are a dealer of Honda motorbikes and want to create social media marketing strategy to sell your products, here are some quick tips.

  1. InfographicsCreate a helpful infographic with an attractive and catchy title. You can create an infographic on five sure tips for men to look smart or attractive. The infographic should contain, riding Honda motorbikes as one of the points. Helpful and attractive infographics with well researched and useful information tend to get viral instantly.
  2. Online game – Devise an online game and offer a free test ride of the Honda motorbikes as the prize. Design a quiz about the salient features of the motorbikes or any other topic that interests your target audience. This strategy is sure to increase the number of test drives for your bikes.
  3. Website – Get a modern website designed for your dealership. A website is like an online sales person that speaks to the viewers. The website should be easy to navigate and provide all the required information to the viewers. The website should be mobile friendly and should be easily readable. The website should contain the contact information of the dealership, details about the services provided by the dealer, models of the bikes sold at the dealership and so on.
  4. Viral videos – Create viral videos that are funny and engaging. Use superheroes, cartoon or any other characters that interest your target audience. The video should be cleverly designed to motivate the viewers to test drive the Honda motorbikes at your dealership.
  5. Use Instagram, Facebook and other social media – Social media has a far reaching effect. Select two or three social media apps which see the presence of a majority of your target audience. Post regularly on these social media sites and devise contests to attract the attention of the target audience. Posting attractive images of the Honda motorbikes and other bikes along with catchy captions will help to garner the attention of the viewers and attract more followers. Invest in strategic relationships with other dealers and social media influencers to increase the number of followers.