Tips For Marketing A Service Business 30/11/2017 30/11/2017 gdutborg

So you have decided to become one of the many plasterers in Sydney; this means that, now, you are running a service-based business.  If you want to get your business in gear, proper advertising is necessary.

Unlike product based businesses, wherein the product’s capabilities can sell the product itself. For service-based business, you need a different approach; you have to market yourself. Well, yourself, your business and your team. You are going to be advertising what makes your team and business special, how you can get the job done.

If this seems daunting, do not worry. People are constantly looking for services; this means that there are customers out there, you just need to reach them. Here are ways for you to do so.

  • Incentive, incentive, incentive!
    • Everyone wants a deal, that ispretty much common knowledge. Special promos are a great way to appeal to that. This a risky move, since a promotion will cut a bit into your profits. That being said, the right balance for your profit and the customers’ need for a good deal will give a great net gain, due to bringing in new customers to bring in profits.
  • Keep in touch.
    • This one is pretty obvious, make efforts to stay in contact with your new clientele. Take note of when you contact your clientele for promotions, as too much can be very annoying, and will give you the opposite effect.
  • Take advantage of social networking.
    • Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Social networking is a very useful tool for marketing your company. For best effect, respond to any customer inquiries to any of your businesses. There are a lot of plasterers in Sydney, and one good way to make customers remember you.
  • Compete with value, not price.
    • The most important bit about purchasing something is value. Lowering your prices might help in the short term, but people want value. What customers really want is to get the most out of the pricing they paid. Having the same prices, or even slightly higher, as your competition but if your business provides quality service, then you will be chosen over your competition.