Tips For Getting Traffic For Your Solar Company Site 26/01/2018 24/01/2018 gdutborg

With the world looking to embrace renewable energy, solar companies are popping up across the world, learning to market their own company, especially online, since the internet is a massive tool for any company, making reaching customers easy to be reached by their companies.

Any decent company takes advantage of the internet, with advertising being a key aspect of any company, and the internet being so good at nourishing it, good websites are pretty much mandatory for any company. So, if you’re looking to promote your solar installers on the Gold Coast, here are some tips.

  • Google is your friend.
    • What’s the first thing people do when they’re looking for something online? Look it up on Google. Or YAHOO!, or Bing, or whatever search engine they’re using. Which is why taking advantage of it for online marketing is a huge deal. This is where Search Engine Optimization comes in. SEO is the measure of how likely your website is the first result a search engine will display, as a result of all the keywords integrated into the site’s content. Usually, the companies that really take advantage of this are international companies, but putting in keywords such as ‘install solar panels in (location)’ or the like can help put your solar installers on the Gold Coast at the first page of Google.
  • First impressions last.
    • Besides SEO, another key aspect of having a company website is to have good design and aesthetics. What this means is, your site needs to be presentable, capable of drawing in customers with looks and content as well, kind of how you properly wrap Christmas presents: it is all in the presentation. A site needs to have a clean, straightforward design; too little clears up nothing, too much makes it cluttered. Your site is your online identity; treat it as you would a department in your company.
  • What’s broken can be fixed.
    • One last important thing to take note of is that, if your site is not attracting customers to your solar installers on the Gold Coast, then that does not mean it’ll never attract customers. Any company can revamp itself to keep up with the times, and their websites are no different. It takes a little effort, but in running a company, what doesn’t?