Tips For Building A Sports Memorabilia Collection 23/12/2018 23/12/2018 gdutborg

Collecting sports memorabilia is something that’s endemic to the sporting world, regardless of location or region. From baseball cards in US stores to Guernseys in AFL merchandise stores, there’s a lot of sports memorabilia to collect for the avid fan, which means it’s a good idea to plan things out before you start building up your collection. Making that plan and sticking to it is key to making a great collection and enjoying the experience.

Choose a theme

Your collection should be a reflection of who you are as a sports fan; what sport you’re enthusiastic about, what team you support, who your favourite athlete is, that sort of thing. You’ll want to narrow it down in a way that’ll make it clear as a goal, as well as making the experience of shopping on AFL merchandise or wherever you source your stuff stores easier.

Decide on a price range and a budget

Realistically speaking, you won’t be able to get every piece of memorabilia you want. Maybe you can’t find it, or maybe you can’t afford it. Make sure to have an overall budget and a reasonable price range to operate under when looking for stuff. The former helps narrow down stuff, the latter is to help avoid any impulsive purchases. Remember, collecting is just like anything else in life; you need to take it into account with your budget so you don’t go overboard.

Do your homework

You can never know enough when it comes to collecting stuff. Always do research, always ask questions whenever you get the chance, whether about the seller, the auction house, or the item itself. Knowledge is the key to success, and collecting is most definitely not an exception. In the digital age, this necessity is now easier than ever, with the internet providing the means to know as much about the item as you can before purchase.

Stick to reliable sources

After narrowing down what you want to get, it’s time to figure out who’s selling. Looking up the AFL merchandise stores, auction houses, and any other organization or entity that sells around you to find the ones with the right qualifications and reputation. So, basically, research the sellers. Ideally, you want to buy from someone who won’t just sell you good, high-quality merch, but also give you good information on collection, new stuff, as well as be helpful when you need help. In short, find someone who’s willing to build a relationship with.