Things To Know About Kawasaki Motorbikes 07/02/2019 04/02/2019 gdutborg

When you are planning to buy a new motorcycle, your brand preference is likely to be influenced by the experiences you had using the other brands. This includes the impressions you had with other brands, your personal experiences, and the comments that you heard from other people.

It is interesting to note, though, that there are several things about Kawasaki motorbikes that might be useful in our knowledge. These interesting facts can help you decide on buying or not Kawasaki motorbikes for your use.

  • First Headquarters in Chicago, Illinois – the first headquarters of the American Kawasaki Corporation started in March 1966. The building was an old meat storeroom. The team that was sent to the United States started the business with the least overhead cost and focused on using the money on the production of motorcycles.
  • Kawasaki started with almost nothing – the people who were responsible for internationally expanding the brand had meagre financial resources to start the business. The building was built with no image, no customers, and no distributors. What they had were their strong beliefs, skills, and hard work to make the headquarters work and it did.
  • First Kawasaki motorbikes sold under a different brand – the first brand name of Kawasaki motorbikes that were sold was called Omega motorcycles. While the team discovered that American riders wanted more exciting features of the motorbike, the team endeavoured to produce high-performance types of motorbikes which succeeded thereafter.
  • East Coast expansion – Kawasaki had a rapid expansion within two years.In 1968, the company captured the East Coast market.
  • International image – in 1969, the company produced Mach III 500cc which was recognized in the international market.
  • Common problem solved – the common problem that Kawasaki solved at that time was the durability of the product. They did their best to make sturdy motorbikes that people wanted after knowing that the present product had some flaws.
  • First foreign company to open a factory in America – Kawasaki succeeded in opening a factory in American soil to caterthe US market.
  • Focused on safe work environment – Kawasaki values its employees. It is focused on the comfort and safety of all its employees which make them love their jobs and resulted in good job performance, loyalty, and success.

The facts about Kawasaki are all noteworthy and inspiring. Starting from humble beginnings, the company climbed up the ladder of success in the motorcycle industry.