The Latest Trends In Online Marketing Strategies 28/01/2020 18/01/2020 gdutborg

In the highly competitive industry of dental care, having a website is no longer enough. While it is true that people can access information about affordable dental implants, crowns or dentures through the website, it is important for the web pages to rank high in search engines. There must be a digital marketing plan to get a decent flow of traffic.

The growing number of online marketing tends can be overwhelming. It is difficult for a small business with limited resources to figure out the marketing trend to focus on. While it is true that emerging trends brings new marketing opportunities, they sometimes seem to be too good to be true. Some examples include chatbots, interactive content and messaging apps.

At least 76% of Americans shop online but there are 46% of small businesses in the US that do not have a website. This is a missed opportunity for sales and profits. Many online platforms are now offering shoppable landing pages which are a good starting point for small businesses who want a full online store in the future.

However, a landing page is different from a website. It is not something that people can access through search engines or stumble upon while browsing the web. People can only reach the landing page if there is a specific link that they can click on an email that has been sent to them. If the visitor clicks on the link, it is very likely that there is an intention to buy whatever product or service that ad is focused on.

It is now easy to create an engaging video content through smart phones. Social videos can be consumed by online users who are scrolling through their news feed. To maximize brand exposure, include the brand, logo and core message in the first three seconds. People who do not have patience to watch the entire video will still be aware of the brand.

Many people assume that dental implants are very expensive; however, there are dental clinics that offer affordable dental implants with high quality care. The cost of dental implants depends on the number of teeth that has to be replaced, where they are located and the necessary procedures to prepare the mouth for the dental appliance.