The Importance Of Research In Content Marketing 27/08/2015 14/08/2015 gdutborg

Laser eye surgery is offered in many private eye clinics like because it is the more popular solution for poor eyesight. The rates of success are quite high and the risk of complications is rare. However, it is important for anyone considering the surgical procedure to be properly informed. The best source of information today is the internet which means that providers of laser eye surgery have to make an effort to provide helpful and informative articles on their site.

Article marketing is one of the most powerful internet marketing techniques available. Instead of trying to sell laser eye surgery to potential customers, the trick is to provide them with useful and informative content. Blog is another popular technique of internet marketing that can increase traffic, leads and improve page rankings. However, writing is only half of content marketing because traffic is not immediately generated after a blog or article has been published. It needs to be promoted.

Tips for promoting content

• Don’t forget to add sharing buttons to your article or blog

• To gain more traffic, share content during peak hours of the audience’s social activity

• Share content through Twitter and add images to gain immediate attention

• Share content in social sites

• As your blog circulates through social media, make sure to participate in conversations
• Encourage your customers to share your content

Content marketing however does not start with writing articles. Research is very important to know what your target audience wants, what they are searching for and what questions they will likely ask. It is also critical to research on the keywords that users will be typing on their browsers. The results of the research will tell you what keywords to use so that you can be found by potential customers.

Long tail keywords are now the trend because they gain more traffic from queries. For example, you do not simply use laser eye surgery as your keyword. Instead, you need to add Liverpool to target consumers that are near the vicinity of the clinic. From the list of keywords generated from your research, you can now start to write your articles and blogs.