Thai Work Permit – Job Specific Or Generic? 02/07/2019 30/06/2019 gdutborg

It sometimes frustrates a foreigner who movies in Thailand when he learns that he must secure first a work permit to be able to land a job in the country to avoid facing unfavourable consequences. Even a volunteer or charity worker must still secure a work permit – this is something that the charity or company typically fails to inform the foreigner.

A foreigner who would like to work or currently working in Thailand should be able to present his Thai work permit in case the authorities or immigration officials conduct an ocular inspection. He will be fined, imprisoned, or deported when he fails to produce a valid work permit.

Important Questions and Answers

  1. Is it possible to use only one work permit for part-time and full-time jobs?

The answer is no. The work permit in Thailand is strictly job-specific, which means that a foreigner teaching in a particular school is only allowed to teach in that school. He cannot use the same work permit to teach in another school because that work permit is tied to the school where he currently works full-time.

In the event of resignation, the work permit becomes invalid. The foreigner must secure another work permit when he transfers to another school. The same tedious process must be done all over again.

  1. Can the same work permit be used for a part-time job?

The foreigner is not allowed to use the work permit for his part-time job. It is technically illegal to do a part-time job, although some authorities turn a blind eye to it.

  1. What should be done to the work permit when a foreigner resigns from his job?

The foreigner is required to hand in his work permit to the authorities within ten days after resignation. The foreigner is also required to leave the country, usually in the next seven days. The foreigner may travel to a local border and spending some time to the neighbouring country before returning to Thailand.

Once he’s back, he can look for another job. It’s tedious and costs money, but that’s the law of Thailand. When a foreigner wants to stay in Thailand or another country for that matter, he has no other choice but to obey the law.

Take note that when the work permit becomes useless, the visa attached to it becomes null and void. Unless the foreigner was able to secure a Thai work permit and teach without worries.