Social Media Marketing Tips For Hotels 06/04/2017 05/04/2017 gdutborg

Marketing is important, it goes without saying, really. Businesses rise and fall based on how well they can market themselves and their products. A hotel is no exception. From discount accommodation in Bangkok, to swanky high-class deals in Paris, here are ways for hotels to use social media for their marketing needs.

    • Use a blog to give out updated information on things related to your hotel. Tips, event announcements, etc. Give out useful, relevant, updated, and original content to generate traffic for your hotel. A blog with these things will generate an image for your business, making you look like an expert in the field, and will help your hotel be remembered by potential customers.
  • Word of mouth (sorta).
    • Having a good reputation online via good reviews in websites, or even just simple posted pictures and videos from satisfied customers will do a lot for your hotel. Some people shy away from certain options because of price, so that discount accommodation in Bangkok, can make itself stand out because people possess good opinion, which they’ll pass in small ways. Positive marketing, no matter small, is always useful.
  • Networking
    • The simple act of linking with other networks and businesses with a simple @ symbol can do a lot. Knowing the right people and businesses can work wonders for your business. Being connected is very important. Talking about a company and giving them (justifiably) good reviews means that you come across as reliable, and that company will probably do the same for you. If nothing else, you’ve just added some extra clicks into your site.
  • Incentive
    • A good prize is always useful for motivating people. Give free days for good user-submitted content, have local check-in sites provide you with customers who will receive special offers, etc. Whatever works. Prizes will mean people will be competing, and competitions are good for generating traffic.
  • Recycling is good for you.
    • By recycling, we don’t mean post the same thing as last week. By that we mean, post stuff from your review sites in your blogs, on your Facebook page, on your Twitter, etc.