Reasons Why Some Internet Startups Fail 09/06/2016 04/06/2016 gdutborg

For those who are doing business or working in a physical store, it is necessary that they must perform everyday duties by waking up early and travelling to their work place. There are those who grow tired and weary of the everyday routine and try to think of another way to earn a living. Many people nowadays are aware that thousand, even millions, have already succeeded in the online world. They become their own boss and with the help of computers and an internet connection, they can do their work and manage their businesses at the comfort of their homes.

If you are thinking about working online as the best option, it is important to be prepared. The fault with many people is that they quit their job in an instant and launch their business online as soon as they can. At the end of the day, they found themselves without proper preparation, no idea of what they are doing, no formal training and no chance of success. The inevitable end comes to them – failure.

Research shows that 90 per cent of the internet businesses end up failing within 120 days from launching. This astounding number is because of many reasons such as not knowing the statistical probability of their success, not recognizing that theirs could be another failure or they wouldn’t risk it, jumping into things without the proper preparation and now knowing that if one fails to plan, then that person is planning to fail.

It does not mean that there is no success as evidence is provided by the remaining 10 per cent who did succeed. Their success is not an accident. It happened because they considered important factors before jumping into it. They realize that internet marketing is essential thus they learned the trade. A good example is Pro Jett Plumbing & Drainage. They are also realistic and know that success does not happen overnight. What is ironic is that majority of those who are brave enough into venturing into online business are also the same ones that are not willing to do business in the real world. This is despite the fact that they don’t have any background in business.