Opting For Vintage Bathrooms, Then Choose Blue Bathroom Tiles To Enhance Its Look 21/09/2018 25/10/2018 gdutborg

Vintage blue bathroom tiles will create a classic and relaxing vibe to a Victorian era bathroom. Usually, people stick to the traditional white colour when designing their vintage bathroom; however, it happened long before. Today, homeowners have become more explorative when it comes to choices of bathroom colours. So, if you prefer a vintage blue bathroom, you need to trust your instincts and make it happen.

Till this very day, many people are still interested in having a classic period-styled bathroom. Who can ever resist the clean and sophisticated design that vintage blue bathroom tiles provide? As the antique type is really hard to find, sellers of refurbished antique fixtures or replicas can sell it for a higher price, and you can find some deals offered on the Internet.

When you remodel your bathroom in the classic era, you will want to buy fixtures that reflect the classic period designs. You can begin focusing on your desired bathtub. Vintage bathtubs are available in various finishes and models. For the design, you may prefer the pedestal tub or the claw foot tub. They can also come in various finishes like acrylic, steel with porcelain coating, copper or cast iron.

As of today, only limited number of manufacturers sell pedestal tubs. You can’t really expect a variety of vintage pedestal tubs as they are mostly in white colour finishes. However, you can repaint the tub with a similar colour theme like your chosen blue bathroom tiles.  Note that the modern versions of pedestal tubs in a variety of colours and styles.

Of course, you need to include the floor tiles which can be made of various materials like porcelain or marble. For the walls, you can have wallpapers, paint or tiles. Ensure that colour you use has a classic style of the vintage era. It should include black, mint green or blue bathroom tiles. For the lightings, you can incorporate chrome or glass into the style.

Some types of vintage blue bathroom tiles are hard to find and really expensive. But you shouldn’t lose hope as they are a variety of resources to look at, especially that it can perfectly fit your budget.