Online Marketing Strategies That Focus On Generation Z Audiences 10/10/2018 08/10/2018 gdutborg

The hospitality industry has recognized the importance of online marketing not only for brand awareness but to increase traffic to hotel websites. One example is convenient hotel Sukhumvit that looks into various strategies to market their offerings. Like other businesses, hotels always take into account the millennial population when it comes to marketing.

However, it is also appropriate to consider Generation Z that was born between 1995 and 2015 because they are the digital generation that has been exposed to technology from day one. Generation Z is mostly tech savvy with the adeptness to communicate through social media. Their presence as consumers and workforce is changing the landscape of online marketing.

Marketers are known to spend substantial amounts of cash across social media platforms to increase followers and generate brand awareness. With the Generation Z, old strategies while still working costs a lot more to generate an impact. The online marketplace is already heavily saturated making it quite difficult for a brand to stand out. In order to gain an audience and convert leads to conversions, brands have to invest a fortune.

On the average, Generation Z spends from 6 to 9 hours daily using five screens – Smartphone, laptop, TV, desktop or tablet. Millennials on the average only use 3 screens. It is very easy for Gen Z to lose their interest on content, no matter how good it is. If a brand wants Gen Z to like and share a post or visit the website, it must be easy for them to engage.

Gen Z audiences are more inclined to engage if sharing buttons are available everywhere. Sharing content must only take a step or two. Since Gen Z’s are always in a hurry, make sure that the title of blogs is attention-grabbing so that they will invest time reading. Promote content to drive traffic to the site.

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