Marketers And The Role They Play In Consumers Weight Loss 24/01/2014 14/05/2017 gdutborg

Nowadays, people who are trying to lose weight will start their journey by conducting an online search query. Google recently performed a study in partnership with The Modellers which is a research firm in order to understand better the effect of digital marketing on weight loss. The research was able to reveal three important things about consumers and weight loss today. Number one is that the traditional journey in losing weight has changed over time, fitness is now a priority in comparison to nutrition and an affordable solution to weight loss is preferred by consumers. Marketers will be able to be a big part of the consumers plan for a healthy living if they understand the motivation and concerns of the consumers.

There are many solutions available when it comes to weight loss. There are those that turn to free applications that cater to weight loss while others are giving more priority to exercise. In this crowd of people trying to lose weight, there are those that are only willing to go for the quick fix. Consumers who are trying to shed some pounds now have the decision to choose whatever suits them when it comes to weight loss plans and more and more prefer to go the digital way.

In a study that was conducted by Google together with The Modellers which is a research firm, they were able to pin point three important factors that affect the approach consumers are making when it comes to weight loss. For starters, weight loss is now different from it used to be because of the fact that more options are now available to consumers. Secondly, consumers believe that fitness is the foundation of weight loss rather than nutrition. Lastly, a big factor in choosing a weight loss plan depends greatly on the cost of the program.

Consumers are now using the internet in order to research topics about weight loss such as HCG weight loss. According to the research, around 46 per cent are using their smart phones while 30 per cent are searching online with the use of their tablets. 23 per cent of participants believed that being a member of a gym is more effective than any weight loss program. 58 per cent of them admitted that cost is the very reason why they are not able to complete a certain weight loss program.