A Market Report Of The Painting Industry In The UK 09/02/2016 10/02/2016 gdutborg

Companies who are operating in the painting industry specialize in painting structures like buildings as well as civil engineering structures. Their activities include commercial, residential, infrastructure, public and industrial building markets. Because of this shift, the performance in the industry is heavily dependent on the construction of activity in these markets. The construction sector was heavily affected by the sluggish economy, declining housing market and the prolonged recession in the economy. All of these contributed to a slowdown in the construction sector. Although most of the damage done to the painting, decorating and construction industry was done within the years 2009 and 2010, the industry has still not been able to fully recover in the last five years. The industry has a highly fragmented nature which means that small firms as well as independent contractors have to rely heavily on household maintenance and repair work.

Industry Report

The industry of painting is fragmented highly. It also considerably has a low level of concentration. There are different enterprises in the industry and with smaller operators dominating in the painting industry. In the years 2014 to 2015, the four largest companies involved in the industry are expected to account only for just about 3 percent of the entire revenue in the industry. The painting industry is being characterized in that it is small scaled, small companies are regionally dispersed. The largest players in the industry though operate across the national market and are deemed to be multi-establishment companies. There are a large number of operators in the industry who are independent contractors and are often the sole workers in their respective businesses. The industry’s fragmented nature is also very evident in the distribution of the revenue of the enterprises as well as by the employment size.

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