Making A Choice Between Traditional Media Advertising Or Digital Marketing 24/12/2018 21/12/2018 gdutborg

People usually rely on Google to search for specialist logistics that has the right resources to ensure that equipment is safely and securely delivered to a destination. It is therefore important to rank high on the Google search results so that consumers will find the company when they are looking for logistics solutions.

One of the biggest game changers over the past decade is how people consume content. Marketers have responded to the change by ensuring that their products and services are well represented in places where people spend most of their time which is on their screens. One of the biggest advantages of online marketing is the ability to communicate personal content and provide the audience with the news as they unfold.

Online marketing allows companies to measure the exact returns on investment, clicks and conversions. Companies know exactly which platform or placement generated the best results. In traditional media advertising, companies simply hope that their advertising investment will yield the right results over a period of time.

Online marketing is definitely more cost effective than traditional advertising because it follows the pay-as-you-go model. You only pay for what you use in pay-per-impression, clicks or conversions. In traditional marketing, it is important to set aside a specific budget beforehand.

In digital marketing, companies can target the exact audience in a manner that best resonates with them. For example, it could be organic posts, videos or images. If the marketing campaign fails, it can be updated, altered or scrapped completely. In traditional media marketing, companies can pick a slot to advertise in but once the investment has been made, it cannot be easily changed.

Online marketing allows room for story-telling. Videos and text uploaded to social media platforms can weave a story around a product. Products can be represented in the best way through video-based ads or visual-based ads.

It is important for a specialist logistics provider to understand how their customers interact and from where they get their information. Did the customers find the company through magazine or newspaper ads or did they simply search through Google or Facebook? It is possible that the consumer found the company through its website where logistics solutions are highlighted.