Internet Marketing Strategies That Business Must Avoid 19/11/2018 19/11/2018 gdutborg

Many small and medium sized businesses like event hire in Sydney make use of online marketing to generate brand awareness without spending a fortune. However, online marketing is particularly difficult these days because consumers have become highly sensitive and critical. A simple marketing campaign can become quite controversial.

Based on reports, as of 2018, there are more than 68 million active users of Twitter in the United States alone. One tweet can easily be seen by millions of people all over the world. Many marketers make use of social media but they also need to consider the effects of a tweet or a video. There are some campaigns and posts that negatively impact on the image of a company enough to destroy brand names. Some have caused outrage among consumers.

Marketers must seriously avoid using sexist messages on their online marketing campaigns because it is a proven recipe for disaster. In 2015, IHOP tweeted an appetizing picture of hot pancakes with a text that says “flat but has a GREAT personality.” It was obviously not intended to demean women but consumers were upset. The tweet has to be deleted immediately.

Nothing gets unnoticed on the internet. This year, H&M’s Swedish brand’s UK website used a green kid’s hoodie reading “Coolest monkey in the jungle.” There is nothing wrong with the photo except for the fact that a black kid was used as the model. The picture went viral; people were outraged and called for a boycott. The backlash could have been easily avoidedif only the people responsible for the ad campaigns and photography had been more cautious.

Videos are now widely used for internet marketing but it is not a good idea to exploit a tragedy like 9/11. Texas-based Miracle Mattress promoted an offer for twin mattresses with a women buying the twin price mattresses to remember 9/11. The store had to close down.

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