Internet Marketing Spanish Speaking Consumers 15/04/2018 12/04/2018 gdutborg

If you meet Latin women and men who are no longer fluent in speaking Spanish especially those who grew up in the United States do not be surprised as it coincides with the report published by Pew Research Center. It states that the number of Latinos who knew how to speak Spanish is no longer as high as before particularly in major metropolitan markets of the United States.

Business owners who are catering to Latinos should take note though that speaking to them through the language that speaks so much of their ancestry and culture is important. The Spanish speaking consumers believe that the language is an essential part of who they are as an individual and as people of color. Therefore, if you are thinking of an internet marketing strategy for you Latin consumer, consider the following:

  • It is important to speak the Spanish language. The majority has already spoken and they agree that Hispanics should know Spanish. Survey revealed that 92 per cent of participants believe that learning the language is important especially for the future generation. On another note, they do not think that speaking Spanish should be placed as a standard for someone to be identified as Latino. It is found to have a higher impact in terms of communicating online. In a study conducted by Facebook IQ, Latino respondents prefer to have the native Spanish shown on their feed rather than an option to translate English to Spanish.
  • Spanish differs in various markets. The Pew study further reveals that the market for Spanish speakers is not the same in every city. In the cities such as Texas, Miami, McAllen and Florida, around 90 per cent of Latinos living in the area are speaking Spanish inside the home. Only 79 per cent for cities including Orlando, El Paso, Dallas, Los Angeles, Atlanta and New York. For marketers in these areas, they should very well take note of the figures and use it to their advantage.
  • The fact is there is a higher number of Latinos who are speaking Spanish. While it is true that the number has declined, it is still higher compared to the numbers before because the population of Hispanics in the country continues to grow thereby reducing the proportion. It is possible to meet Latin women and men who are Spanish speakers and therefore businesses should keep these facts in mind when employing internet marketing.