Internet Marketing For Contractors22/12/201422/12/2014gdutborg
Internet Marketing For Contractors

According to a news article by the The News, Josh Nelson released his new book entitled: Internet Marketing for Plumbing & HVAC Contractors: How to Triple Your Sales by Getting Your Internet Marketing Right. The book is written for contractors specifically and it discusses the steps necessary for online marketing.

Nelson owns a marketing firm called Plumbing and HVAC SEO and it has been running successfully for a decade. He shares how the steps written on the book increased sales for United States and Canada contractors and thus inspires him to write a book based on a real case study. Local contractors need it now more than ever since most consumers these days run to Google for outsourcing contractors.

Nelson spoke from his ten-year experience in the business and knows pretty well that 90 percent of the contractors nowadays don’t have any inkling on how to market themselves and their services online. Marketing online used to be an option for those who really want to reach out to people but the games have changed. Without marketing knowledge and a solid plan, sooner or later these contractors and their businesses may cripple.

Furthermore, John Nelson guarantees that following the steps in his book will get you a high place in the local market. The said book can help contractors increase their market share using Google and always be one step ahead from the competitors. It is considered as the modern day Yellow Pages where you land the contract before anyone of your competition does.