Increase Motorcycle Sales Through Internet Marketing 20/06/2019 17/06/2019 gdutborg

Motorcycle dealers handle different kinds of models and brands such as Aprilia motorbike but the end goal is the same for all of these products – to sell them to their new owners. The truth is that it is much harder to sell a motorcycle than products found inside the department store of a mall. Motorcycle sales are not as strong as many years ago because many people now prefer to ride four-wheeled vehicles. The challenge now for the dealers is how to increase their sales and this is where internet marketing comes in.

One of the most important things that a motorcycle dealership should have is a website. It should be done professionally to convey the same vibe to the consumers. Many motorcycle dealers are now using WordPress to setup their blogs because the functions are much more flexible. There are some that utilized Magento. It is important to create a unique website so as to avoid being labelled as just another one of those websites.

If you want to reach your local consumers, you have to perform SEO or Search Engine Optimization on your website. This is the fastest way for them to discover about your website and have a higher ranker in terms of search engine results. Data revealed for content management system or CMS, WordPress is the number one choice which is why it is responsible for 27 per cent of the total CMS on the entire web.

There are three sections for the SEO which needs to be tackled – on page, off page and technical. The on page SEO is all about elements and the contents of a page while the off page SEO is responsible in making sure that all the links leading back to your website are working. The technical aspect of the SEO tackles mobile responsive website, readability of the site code and loading time.

When employing local SEO, the target market of the dealership selling Aprilia motorbike is to reach out to those close to the physical location of the dealer. This is the best time to use Google My Business and list your dealership with the local directories.