How To Make Social Media Work For Your Cleaning Business 22/12/2018 20/12/2018 gdutborg

In a highly competitive field, like in commercial cleaning in Sydney, it’s hard to stick out and get noticed. They don’t have the choice to just stick to a single channel to get their customers, they need to be exposed. And these days, the best place to do that is on the internet. The internet is where the majority of potential customers look for providers, hence, it’s key that they need to make the most of it.

How would social media work for a cleaning business?

Imagine scrolling through Facebook posts, then, going through all the posts, then seeing a post from a cleaning company; a before and after photo of their work on a bathroom. Regardless of how good their work is, it might not actually get people stopping them.

To that end, you have to stop people scrolling.

People aren’t fascinated about good cleaning; they don’t wake up in the morning excited about hiring someone to handle commercial cleaning in Sydney or the like. Hence, you need to focus on the client; what their problems, frustrations and concerns are. To effectively market yourself, know what your company’s ideal client is.

The ‘ideal’ client

The main reason a client chooses to do business is to meet their needs or wants. Good marketing, then, is about telling potential customers what you can do for them. Social media is all about communication, and that lets you ask questions and listen to their responses, which will give you a clear, concise understanding of what the ‘ideal’ client wants and needs. Use this information to plan effective social media posts that connect properly with customers and maximum impact online.

Above all, consistency

Good content is king, but it won’t do much if you’re not posting regularly, it won’t do much. If you’re on something like Facebook, you’ll want to post once a day, if possible. The lifetime of a single post is only so long, so posting just once a week won’t really do much; not leaving a lasting impression or maximizing engagement. On the other end of the scale, posting too much is seen as a nuisance, and is just as bad.