How To Generate Traffic Levels Similar To Well Known Brands Through SEO 17/07/2018 03/08/2018 gdutborg

Large companies are usually competitive and they dominate the results in search engines. How can a small business with limited budget for marketing compete on popular search terms like “fashion,” “shoes,” and “jewelry?” Organic search results for the highly competitive terms are dominated by the large companies because they can afford the SEO marketing campaigns that can make a page rank.

According to professionals in SEO campaigns, smaller brands have to focus on ranking the less popular keywords so that they can produce the same traffic levels that are generated by the big brands. Instead of identifying the right keywords, the focus must be on the large groups of consumers that are being overlooked by the more established companies.

Let us take the example of Fashion Nova, a California-based female apparel retailer. The first physical store was established in 2006 while the website was launched in 2013. It competes with the big brands but it ranks ahead of the bigger companies in many single word competitive terms like “fashion.” If you will type “jeans” on the search bar, the results will show that Fashion Nova ranks 3rdand is ahead of the big well known brands like Nordstrom, Lucky Brand, American Eagle Outfitters and Hollister.

In SEO, backlinks are considered as the most critical factor. Google search success depends primarily on the satisfaction level of users. It is not Google that single-handedly decides on which sites are the best because it relies on how humans determine the effectiveness of ranking algorithms. When websites link with each other, Google can gauge relevance by looking at the demand for the brand.

Imagine yourself in the position of Google wherein you see an extraordinary search demand for a site that has fewer links than similarly searched competitors. It certainly makes sense to rank the results in order to satisfy the user’s expectations instead of relying on historical backlinks.

In order to improve presence in search engines, will help you develop SEO friendly content that will increase traffic to the website. However, be patient because results will not be generated immediately. SEO takes time and you got to be in it for the long haul.