How Mobile Devices Have Changed The Search For House And Land Packages23/03/201523/03/2015gdutborg
How Mobile Devices Have Changed The Search For House And Land Packages

According to a joint study made by National Association of Realtors and Google that was released in January 2013, it was revealed that real estate-related searches on Google have increased by 253% over the past four years. This means that there is a big connection between the internet and online search for house and land packages. Real estate agents in Perth should not miss this opportunity and they need to start now with their internet marketing strategies while people are interested in home ownership.

The importance of responsive web design for real estate websites

Real estate agents who are planning to engage with users who are interested on house and land packages must have a mobile friendly website. Mobile devices are changing the way that people search for homes. Users make use of search engines but they do so through mobile phones and tablet computers which require responsive web design to make the site accessible across different platforms. It is smart for real estate agents to target mobile users because times have changed and mobile usage has overtaken desktop computers and laptops. Potential clients will also appreciate the fact they can interact with your site using their mobile phones.

The importance of creating local content

Content must always be useful for home buyers. It is typical for home buyers to make a research of the neighborhood, the nearest schools, events and so forth. Providing content along these topics will help you generate more visitors for your site because home buyers often spend 3 to 18 months researching before engaging with a real estate agent. If you are offering house and land packages in Perth, it makes sense to provide useful information about the place.

Don’t forget to answer questions

If is not enough that you have the FAQ page; you must be able to answer questions from visitors. This will help in building a relationship with a potential home buyer. Always remember that relationships matter and it must be built on trust. For starters, there are forums on home buying, selling and relocating where you can connect with potential clients by answering their questions. Always be honest with your opinions so that you will win their trust.