Guide To Floating Tile 21/12/2018 19/12/2018 gdutborg

There are different types of homeowners – the ones that are fine with grey bathroom tiles and the ones that want the most elaborate design for their flooring. Regardless, this article should be read by everyone who is deciding on what floor tile to use. When you think of porcelain tiles, you think about how fragile the materials are and how it should only be handled by professionals. This is why the idea of floating tile has been introduced in the market.

Floating tile is basically a product that is user-friendly especially to those who love to DIY. You can lay out the tiles yourself without professional help because the kit is already available. This is useful for homeowners who are dreaming to change their floors but do not have the budget to pay for professional tile installers.

The main difference between a traditional tile and the floating tile is the skills required to install the two. Traditional tile takes up a lot of time to install and it requires skill that is only acquired through years of personal experience. Floating tiles, on the other hand, is already pre-attached to the rubberized bases and all you have to do is interlock each piece.

This is the simplest method of installing tile because of the lack of mortar base. The interlocking system ensures that the grout lines are the same all throughout the whole floor. The reason why the tile is called floating is because these tiles do not stick to the sub floor. Proper installation is required in order to get the same result as traditionally installed tiles.

There are advantages and disadvantages to using floating tiles. The main advantages is that there is no need to use mortar, the grout lines are even and it can be installed on top of a solid flooring. There is no need to prep the sub floor because the floating tile can be installed directly and the top edges are level all the time.

The disadvantages are that, like traditional grey bathroom tiles, grouting is still needed and homeowners are known to complain about the cracks. The colours are also very limited and they are much more expensive than traditional ones.